European Wallball Pro Tour Euro1Wall Finals 2018-19

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EWT Spanish Open 2018

Tavernes Blanques, 28-30 September 2018

Men’s AConor Mcelduff (Irl)Luke Thompson (UK)
Women’s AMar Giminez (Val)Victoria Diez (Val)
Men’s A DoublesGrant/Thompson (UK)Amantegi/Kruithof (Eus/Val)
Women’s A DoublesGiminez/Diez (Val)Moya/van der Schoot (Val/Ned)
Men’s BMario Canada (Val)Diego Lopez (Val)
Men’s B ConsolationGuillem Cuadrat (Val)Dara Cloake (Irl)
Women’s BCarmen Jiminez (Val)Judith Mengual (Val)
Women’s B ConsolationAina Cuadrat (Val)Linda Frosini (Ita)
Men’s B DoublesDiez/Lopez (Val)Grace/Stradwick (Irl/UK)
Men’s B Doubles Cons’nO’Sullivan/Siegersma (Irl/NeD)Barriga/Rodrqiguez (Val)
Women’s B DoublesBadia/Villar (Val)Cuadrat/Jiminez (Val)
Men’s Beginners/40+Alejandro Jiminez (Val)Siemen Scheffer (Val)
Women’s Beginners/40+Katleen Connolly (Irl)Catherine Conneely (Irl)
Beginners DoublesGiminez/Martinez (Val)Masselucci/Sechi (Ita)

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EWT Belgian Open 2018

KillShot Club, 3-4 November 2018

Men’s SinglesSacha Kruithof (Esp)Leandro Rodriquez (Arg)
Women’s SinglesHarmke Siegersma (Ned)Anne Monfils (Ned)
Men’s DoublesRodriguez/Astrorga (Arg)Van der Schoot/McElduff (Ned/Irl)
Women’s DoublesMonfils/Zeinstra (Ned/Ned)Scheffer/Siegersma (Ned/Ned)
Men’s B Singles Corentin Faignart (Bel)Terry McElvanney (Irl)
Women’s B SinglesCorrie Croondijk (Ned)Siobhan Prentice (Irl)
Men’s C SinglesBrent Viane (Bel)Jean-Marc Namur (Bel)

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Euro1Wall Dutch Open 2019

Sporthall, De Trije, Franeker, 26-27 January 2019

Men’s Open AWally AmaroSacha Perello Kruithof
Men’s Open BMikel Beldarrain ErnaldiKarel Monfils
Men’s Open 40+Erik BakkerGeorge Patrick Miller
Men’s Open BeginnersJurrit OsingaMarten Leijenaar
Women’s Open AMarrit ZeinstraMiranda Scheffer
Men’s Open Doubles AGrant/ThompsonKruithof/Potiez
Men’s Open Doubles BGrace/StradwickBaarda/Tuinenga
Men’s Open Double 40+Poelstra/SiegersmaRerpstra/Visser
Women’s Open Doubles AMonfils/ZeinstraScheffer/Siegersma

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Euro1Wall UK Open 2019

Westway Sports Centre, Crowthorne Rd, London, 23-24 February 2019

Men’s OpenConor McElduffHans Wassenaar
Women’s OpenTerry PiHendrieke Van Der Schoot
Men’s BLuke StradwickColm Grace
Men’s BeginnersCameron LowÀrchie McCreath
Women’s BeginnersMichelle McCoyMartina Nugent
Over 40sMichael EnglishBarrie McCoy
Men’s Open DoublesVan Der Schoot/TristaoWassenaar/Steenstra
Women’s Open DoublesVan Der Schoot/ZeinstraClement/Potiez
Men’s B DoublesEnglish/McElvanneyArnold/Price
Women’s B DoublesMathias/ZhangHavern/McCoy
Beginners DoublesLow/McCreathO’Sullivan/Roche
Over 40s DoublesMcCoy/O’SullivanMillar/Pringle

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Euro1Wall Italian Open 2019

Alica Club, Palermo, 9-10 March 2019

Men’s OpenSimeon Van StalleLuke Thompson (UK)
Women’s OpenMiranda SchefferHarmke Siegersma (Ned)
Men’s BPepitoJeimer Siegersma
Over 40sSebastien PotiezPedro Rivera
Men’s Open DoublesVan Stalle/ClementGrant/Thompson
Women’s Open DoublesSiegersma/SchefferPotiez/Clement
B DoublesRinaldi/BattaglinoStradwick/Grace
Over 40s DoublesMiller/O’SullivanRivera/Piersma

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