KNKB Frisian Kaatsen Women’s Championship 2019

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Ranking and Points

PosNamePlace (Hometown)1st2nd3rdPoints
1Manon ScheepstraHuizum159265
2Ilse TuinengaFraneker155257
3Imke van der LeestEasterein98346
4Sjanet WijniaWommels114445
5Nynke SijbrandijHuizum96544
6Marrit ZeinstraGroningen86642
7Louise KrolEe44828
7Anne MonfilsGroningen29428
9Harmke SiegersmaBerltsum18423
10Margriet BakkerEasterlittens9422
11Sandra HofstraWjelsryp23921
11Tineke DijkstraWjelsryp221121
13Jeska TerpstraEasterein23416
14Martzen DeinumWommels22212
15Lotte DelgrossoMarsum2119
16Anne Berber ZeinstraLeeuwarden237
16Jennie TerpstraMantgum157
18Serena HovengaMarsum26
18Anna-Dieuwke DijkstraHuizum1116
18Anna-Brecht BruinsmaWommels226
21Annet de HaanSt. Annaparochie24
22Klasina HuistraReduzum13
22Sjoukje VisserDamwoude13
22Jeske de BoerLeeuwarden13
22Anouk TolsmaDronrijp13
22Melissa Rianna HiemstraStiens13
22Marte AltenburgGrou33
22Jildou SweeringFolsgare33
29Hester BruinsmaWommels12
29Sietske OkkemaEasterein12
29Anke WinkelDronrijp12
29Amarins de GrootMantgum12
29Rixt KeuningMantgum12
29Andrea KroesGauw12
29Sigrid de JongBlauwhuis12
29Annelien BroersmaLeeuwarden12
37Metsje Sipma11
37Aukje van KuikenKollumerpomp11
37Hiske ZeinstraGroningen11
37Rixt WijniaWommels11
37Jeanette JansmaDronrijp11
37Wiljo SijbrandijLeeuwarden11
37Marie-Jetske LettingaLeeuwarden11
37Hendrieke van der SchootSexbierum11
37Marije HellingaMarsum11
[References; 2]


Manon Scheepstra of Huizum won her fourth “Queenship” title in Frisian Kaatsen (Handball) in 2019 with 65 points from 15 first , 9 seconds and 2 thirds, 8 points ahead of second placed Ilse Tuinenga of Franeker. Imke van der Leest of Easterein came third on 46 points.


Kaatsen is a Frisian version of Handball that was first codified in 1853 by the Franeker de P.C. oprichten (Permanente Commissie). On 7 June 1897 it became part of the Nederlands Kaats Bond and then in 1934 became independent again as the CFK, de Christelijke Friese Kaatsbond. In 1994 it again merged with thE KNKB. It is Primarily played in Franeker in Friesland.

From the KNKB Website:

By bouncing (Kaatsen) is meant:
Two teams that fight each other by passing the ball to each other. This involves a storage party (service) and a returning party. In the scoring, 4 winning strokes yield a first / game (game) and in addition to direct winning strokes, there are undecided strokes (bounce = wooden marker), which later yield points after switching functions.

Frisian handball originated in the 12th century in cloisters in France and therefore found its way north via Belgium.
Bounce was first played on squares throughout the Netherlands by the ‘hegerein’ (well-to-do), only later on grass. When the nobles withdrew more to the tennis courts with their game, handball became a game for ‘the common people’.”

Map of Franeker Friesland, Netherlands



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