Man During a Jai Alai Game, a typical sport in the Basque Country, Iberia, and some parts of Latin America


Basque Pelota

Pelota is the Traditional Game of the Basque People of Sourthwest France and North Central Iberia (Spain). Their language is the oldest in Europe, and the only non-Indo-European language left in Western Europe according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and therefore with some justification the Basques refere to themselves as the only Native Europeans. The sport is similar to the GAA and European game of Handball, played with a curved glove which is used to propel the ball off one of two perpendicluar walls on a four-sided court, with the other two sides open (Jai Alai). Another version is played in pairs (Parejas) or singles (Manomanista) with the hand (Mano)

ASPE Pelota (Spain)

ASPE Pelota is the Professional Hand Pelota (Manomanista) of the Spanish Basque Country. There are both Singles (Campeonato Manomanista – Hand Pelota Championship) and Pairs (Campeonato de Parejas). Divisions are Lep.M (Premier – Tier 1) PromociĆ³n (Promotion – Tier 2)

Confederacion International de Pelota a Mano