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Kaatsen (Frisian Handball) Reference 1897-Present

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Kaatsen, or Frisian Handball is a Regional Variation of the sport of Handball in the Netherlands Minority-Language Region of Frisia.

Kaatsen History Archive: https://www.kaatshistorie.nl/klassement.php – Gives the Full Rankings of each Person (with hometown) for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (3 Pts, 2 Pts, 1 Pt) from 1897 (Herren – Men) and 1984 (Dames – Women).


Kaatsen is a Frisian version of Handball that was first codified in 1853 by the Franeker de P.C. oprichten (Permanente Commissie). On 7 June 1897 it became part of the Nederlands Kaats Bond and then in 1934 became independent again as the CFK, de Christelijke Friese Kaatsbond. In 1994 it again merged with thE KNKB. It is Primarily played in Franeker in Friesland.

From the KNKB Website:

By bouncing (Kaatsen) is meant:
Two teams that fight each other by passing the ball to each other. This involves a storage party (service) and a returning party. In the scoring, 4 winning strokes yield a first / game (game) and in addition to direct winning strokes, there are undecided strokes (bounce = wooden marker), which later yield points after switching functions.

Frisian handball originated in the 12th century in cloisters in France and therefore found its way north via Belgium.
Bounce was first played on squares throughout the Netherlands by the ‘hegerein’ (well-to-do), only later on grass. When the nobles withdrew more to the tennis courts with their game, handball became a game for ‘the common people’.”

Kaatsen Match in Franeker, Frisia, Netherlands in 1940. [Reference: 2][Picture Credit: KNKB]



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