Date Time League Season Match Day
April 9, 2023 6:59 pm GAA Handball She's ACE 4-Wall Ladies Senior Doubles All Ireland Championships 2023 SD Ladies All-Ireland Final 2023


# Player Position
Catríona O’Casey-
Aisling O’Keeffe-


# Player Position
Ciana Ní Churraoin-
Niamh Heffernan-

Cork took the first game 21-7 [30:35 at Video Reference 4], with Catríona O'Casey and Aisling O'Keeffe leading 10-5 at the first Galway Timeout [15:30 at VR-4] and 16-7 at the second Galway Timeout. Despite Cork taking a commanding 5-0 lead in the second game [37:46 at VR-4], Galway's Ciana NíChurraoin and Niamh Heffernan were able to come into the game, leading the second game 8-5 [43:07 at VR-4] and 16-12 [57:55 at VR-4]. Cork levelled at 16-16, sending the Cork fans wild [1:02:21], but the Galway pair were able to close out the game 21-16 [1:06:19]. The Match went into a Tiebreak up to 11, with Galway leading 5-1 at the first timeout [1:18:43 at VR-4]. Cork won the serve back at 8-1 down [1:18:43 at VR-4], Galway missed two match points at 10-10 before a killshot to right corner gave the Cork pair the game and match at 11-10 [1:34:27 at VR-4]



[VR-4] GAA Handball Facebook (2023) Video, April 9, 2023 [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 5 July 2023][Score 5-10 to Cork at 15:30 First Galway Timeout][Score 7-16 at second Galway timeout][Game 1 7-21 Cork at 30:35][Score 0-5 at 37:46][Score 8-5 at 43:07][16-12 at 57:55][16-16 at 1:02:21][Game 2 21-16 to Galway at 1:06:19][Game 3 5-1 to Galway at the first timeout- 1:18:43 at VR-4].[8-1 to Galway at 1:18:43 at VR-4][11-10  Final to Cork at 1:34:27 at VR-4]